The Eagerness to Change

Do you write with the expectations of living up to the dreams of creating a piece of literature that has never been given a voice or misunderstood and neglected by everyone? Creativity is a sword which rips open the obfuscating veils to reveal stories. Stories that have remained neglected for a long time due to the apathy of finding appropriate words to give them a voice. It’s a relentless and daring journey; sometimes the writer has to revolt against the popular voices. Languages cannot be left unattended in an offensive tongue. Constant harsh treatment transforms the soul of a language. Even, idling around in some forgotten corners of life makes them lifeless and uninspiring. Now that everything revolves around the euphoric representation of Art in any genre to create an instant startle, or even, horrify art-lovers with screaming presentations. The instant gratification from such Art subsides rather easily; forgotten due to pretentious love for other scandalous stories.If the narratives are vagabonds communicating in patois, there is a chance of miscommunication or misinterpretation of their intentions. Any genre of Art should be bold enough to break away from the norm to become a credible voice of society. Literature can play an important role in society to engage people across the globe in an encouraging communication, to contribute to the sustainable development of society. Each piece of Art should become the building block of society’s emerging narrative, with the intention to change society and emphasise the misdeeds and allay the fears and lack of freedom. If Art becomes the voice of society, it can inspire minds to contribute to structuring society with philosophically rich narratives. Creative writing is not only about imageries and rhythm, but also about connecting hearts. The House of Art should become a promising dwelling for enthusiastic minds to come in. The mind nurtured in a safe house can do wonders and change society’s discourse to a more compassionate one.


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