Salient Communications

Does communication have any philosophy or we communicate just to express our need to be heard? Usually, the narratives in society are like a long chain of words woven with various feelings that emerged from different situations. Situations actually act as a stimulus to gather appropriate words conveying our feelings to the best of our ability, based on our cognitive ability to comprehend a situation. In fact, communication helps carry ahead the narrative of life and facilitates creating opportunities.

What about silent communications? We wish to convey so many feelings; some of them may be subtle or vehement disagreement. Silence can be used as an armour to fend off any unnecessary communication that can flare up to be a volatile situation. Silence as a self-defence mechanism? It is quite possible that we would like not to challenge those people who initiated such frivolous conversations. I would like to define it as ’emphasize the truth with the power of silence’. Not easy! Silence can be misinterpreted as arrogance and even weakness.

Why initiate a conversation? Is it because we are social beings and it is imperative to talk to each other in an effort to create new avenues, which can take us ahead to explore new opportunities. Communication is the key to unlock unexpressed human ideas and use them to construct a narrative that bridges the distances. Face to face with contrarian views, or even similar one, it is an opportunity to branch out with the help of communication.

Let’s come to fictional communication. The characters in any literary work communicate with a ‘dialogue’ or a ‘monologue’. There are other visuals created with the help of writer’s imagination to build a credible narrative to highlight the essence of a chosen plot. The communication that a writer has in his mind or constructs them with such élan, in any literary work is either influenced by society or from personal experiences. Well, some experiences could be absolutely imaginary. We cannot afford to overlook the imaginary situation and must interpret them as a concerned reader. These conversations give an opportunity to view the writer’s world.

Fictional narrative eventually becomes a part of mainstream society (for yesterday’s science-fiction is becoming today’s reality). Many such ideas seeded silently to let them grow into their own firm beliefs. We enjoy the fruits of such conversations and improve on existing ideologies; the infirm ones are strengthened with advanced doses of philosophy relevant to present times.

Historical narratives are about human triumphs and transgressions. Stories of human capabilities and aspirations are written with the intention of communicating with future generations.

Communication does have the philosophy of generating ideas and inspiring humans to act. Well, so often, communication becomes unrestrained and distorts the narrative. Human minds are prone to such influences and it is again up to rational communication to mend the differences.


3 thoughts on “Salient Communications

  1. Until we become fully telepathic, sending full thoughts back and forth to one another, we will have to settle for language. Even now, once understood between two souls, or more, language is the most powerful vehicle to take us forward.

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