Writing Is…

A writer decides what writing is; sometimes undefined, they are natural flow of feelings. A journey with, words without restraint; worrying less about their intentions, because they come from the heart. A reader does not define the course of writing, but goes with the flow and immerses in those rich feelings resonating from the pages. A writer wouldn’t be true to the soul if truths are not communicated from life. Writing is a mirror, a powerful one, reflecting some nuanced aspects of life and existence. A writer’s senses are much more keen and not easily distracted due to concerted efforts to divert attention. Writing comes from pure awakening of the senses. 

~Amitav Chowdhury

15 thoughts on “Writing Is…

  1. Writing really is a mirror. It’s an extension of myself and allows me to see into my subconscious like I never could have before. It allows me to be the guy I never was and say the things I left unsaid. That what writing is to me, the best therapy I can afford.

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