No more Truncated Stories

Truncated stories do not have the luxury of expressing the entire situation, while the characters fumble with the lessened enthusiasm of emotions. From here, starts a struggle between the legitimate aspirations to speak with freedom.

If real drama is curtailed due to the paucity of strong will, there will never be satisfying communication which is sensitive to the fragile feelings nestled in the heart for a long time. Storytelling is the natural desire to provide credible meaning to the journey. It helps to continue with cultural narrative of society and preserve interesting anecdotes for posterity. Interesting times, challenging times, celebratory times, all become a part of storytelling. Harsh times become bearable when such stories possibly become a mentor to an individual or to an entire society. The magnanimity of a story is reflected in its ability to accommodate conflicting opinions. Turmoil in a story is a healthy reflection of allowing everyone a space to speak.

Stories help to maintain cultural diversity and have brought people closer. Oral storytelling has been able to enthuse the collective consciousness. Rich storytelling develops the ability to dream and find ways to give a patient hearing to all the characters. Human emotions are complex and often perceived to be an anomaly; although, such generalised inferences can be disastrous. Stories become that space to discuss eccentric ideas, without worrying about the unthoughtful conjectures. Storytelling can be a traditional way of dealing with nonconformist thoughts.

Any Art form can become a story if they can narrate valuable lessons from life. Observation is the key to creating stories. So, truncated stories no more!


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