Showing Empathy is Difficult

Is being empathic difficult in times of persuasive competition? We may be seeking to compete where there doesn’t exist one. Contradictory views perceived to be antagonistic is only looking at the partial paradigm of communication. We forget, that communication is to accentuate the ideas and also settle such trivial rivalries.

When the distractions and images of (fierce) competition are seen only as a rivalry, it becomes a toxic relationship. The eyes are thus trained to pick up the images painted with coercive colours.

Life is much superior compared to our evolving consciousness. To even reach that realm of comprehension the mind has to unburden confined negativity.

Such evolved thoughts are beyond the reach of human consciousness because we are not empathic towards ourselves and also viewing life with an aggressive attitude.

We are not here to usurp power and rule over humanity, it is a frivolous perception and a fallacy that stimulates conflict.

We are forgetting to communicate; with ourselves and people, which has stunted the evolution of communication. There is increased apathy and less compassion because we are defensive against our competitors.

Even to understand one particle of life, all the five senses are to be keen enough to understand its resonance.

Its vibrations emulate that of the Universe and send a subtle signal. Only with undivided attention, one can feel the essence of the building blocks of life. Here too, empathy is the key; it’s universal compassion.

The harmony if life that we so often speak of comes form compassion and not from competition.

Being self-motivated and the ardent love of creativity cannot become frivolous just because of mere competition.


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