Struggles With the Mirror

The strong desire to influence the mirror

To compose a fable with manipulated reflections

The soul wouldn’t deign to speak with the contradictions

Turning away from the mirror in anguished state

Who would be gullible enough to be arrested by them?

Reflections and perceptions aren’t of similar nature

Find anything from the endless gossips?

Stepping into the mirror and walking away further

Trying to blend this reality with the one inside

Such reflections seize the moments with magical powers

Standing in front of the mirror; defeated and pallid appearance

Glint of mischief from the edges of mirrors 

Do you still stand there and keep asking the mirror inherent questions?

When the defences have been invaded by the reflections

Influenced by the mirror and under dark wizardry

Not parting with the mind is a struggle while gazing at the mirror


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