7 thoughts on “Do not Avoid the Void

  1. True , void is nothing to be fear about , but the entrance door of knowing yourself and the world around ..
    I enjoyed reading this work, but sorry i did not get the last line, ovoid where the life journey,(what) ?
    Or it’s ovoid of the life journey ?

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    1. Hi Sneha, I am glad you like this. Thank you so much.

      Here, the ovoid is the metaphorical use to mean an egg (from where life is birthed) or even the elliptical path along which life travels (planets, particles) etc. The empty space gives birth to new consciousness.

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      1. Thank you for explaining 🙂
        I was wondering there on circle of life only.
        True empty spaces are creator of new consciousness.
        Just remembered Harper lee quote here out of blue. ” The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s consciousness”

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  2. Touching! I might interpret your lines differently; they remind me about my spiritual journey: the journey I often make into my own self, the inner and invisible part of me. initially the moments used to feel alien for a while, now that I am more experienced, they feel natural to me.

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    1. Glad, this resonates with your spiritual experience. Yes, as you rightly, spirituality can be experienced, more than explained in words. It’s an intrinsic philosophy which is not merely a journey but a seeking, which becomes a natural path with experience.

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