Of the Night

Night’s halo and celestial secrets Contrasts enmeshed in a solitary soul’s pursuit To uncover the magical images Endearing voices wish to lure away the soul to a distant world It is time to blend with the darkness Acquire the rhythm of a persuasive night with a mellifluous tone Also, mimic the gait while wandering without being identified Even the shadows become friendly to this silhouette … Continue reading Of the Night

Relinquishing an Identity

The journey from desires to dust Waking up every day with the nudge of first morning rays Pondering over the genesis of this consciousness  With every deep-breath trying to identify the scent of this universe What is so intoxicating about the night? One needs to retire from the journey for a brief moment Awaken to the day while the desires still rearrange themselves Secret confabulations … Continue reading Relinquishing an Identity