Relevance of Writing and Creativity

The growth of social media may not be the ideal reform for your narrative you have in mind. Maybe, your thoughts are restrained, and you believe in a more prevalent narrative to connect with the string of ideas that are being planned with an algorithmic command.

Most prevailing perception of being connected with an accepted form of communication restricts the growth of ideas and language.

So many words and phrases are abandoned because one has to prune the enthusiasm of propounding contradictions.

Being held back in the thought process is the initial phase of curbing your consciousness, and in the process, stops cultivating those thoughts.

An energetic mind slackens due to the constant restrictions.

The promising seeds of ideas are thrown away to inculcate the ones which transform the mind into a fallow territory.

The uncomfortable fusion of digital space and literary thoughts may seem preposterous when we believe in promoting our writing easily with the advent of technology; numerous platforms are seen as avenues for a writer to position their work in a seamless manner.

Is that prompting a writer to write too much? It depends on the quantity of writing is perceived in a varied manner. Prolific writers do create a lot of literature, as there is an urgency to pen down the constant flow of ideas.

No one can dictate the pace of writing and the amount of literature, but the quality of writing can always be considered in the premise of literary criticism.

The birth of writing should be away from the influences of social media. Writing should not be because of social media, but due to the necessity to create and keeping creativity in mind. A writer has to wander without the distractions of a constantly connected digital world, and the story has to flow with clarity. Only a sparkling chronicle can stay away from the unnecessary blend of enticements which may weaken the story.

Writing has to survive the wrath of time, as well as have the foresight to remain relevant according to change in society.

Only a keen writer can encompass the intricate layers of emotions of life, as it requires immense patience and adroitness to use language in an emphatic manner.

Criteria for creativity should ideally be motivated by the artistic and honest representation of society and the philosophy of life.

Profound writing has the ability to inspire minds and providing them with the freedom of critical thinking. Such healthy interaction evolves the thought process.

Let’s not deny the advantages of social media and other literary platforms where writers can present their work and reach to readers across the globe.

Cutting across the cultural borders has been a welcome change, for literature can engage with global minds in initiating a literary movement. So many voices are being heard today, all due to technology. In fact, regional literature and translations are available in digital libraries.

It is essential, writers take advantage of technology without allowing writing to be disadvantaged by the frenzy that the digital world is capable of igniting.

Allow writing to rest for a while to mature into an enlightening narrative.

The light of promising literature can reach the gloomiest corner of the mind. Also, literature won’t be consumed voraciously across the digital space but also enjoyed in the calm environs of laziness one page at a time. It is important to pace your writing to make it wander along the ages with optimistic energy.

Once in a while, a digital detox is necessary to rest the mind and turn to the blank pages with a sense of responsibility to communicate with the beautiful readers.


4 thoughts on “Relevance of Writing and Creativity

  1. Thank you for this post! A stance that I align with, recently less so. It’s reassuring to see someone else not swept away by the social metrics that we’ve all come to evaluate ourselves with.
    Sounds hard to believe, but I came online to write about the exact same thing. Beautifully articulated. Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. Creativity gets stifled when we create only for social media recognition.
      The fact that you want to write about it, is reassuring. I hope you too will spread the message with your writing.
      Let not creativity be dictated by social media metrics.


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