TEDx Video: Thriving Under Pressure

Originally posted on Thriving Under Pressure:
Good news to share! I have been working on a TEDx project with the University of Windsor TEDx team since December. And just an hour ago, I received the good news that the finished video was uploaded to the official TEDx site today! So exciting! If you like, please share this TEDx video with friends and family on social media. The… Continue reading TEDx Video: Thriving Under Pressure

Sombre Moments

Sombre mood of the twilight hour makes the horizons shudder Minor aberrations at the sunset moments delay the Sun’s homeward journey Tireless light now wishes to convey the night’s mantra to the Moon Excited golden dust try to playfully hold on to the feeble arm of fading light Frantic pace of the day tapers through the labyrinth of eternity Soon, the night’s echoes will be … Continue reading Sombre Moments