Would you share your dreams with a stranger? Thinking about a miracle may happen through storytelling When the words are received by the stranger’s benevolence Like touching a magic stone; they become vibrant with hope The verses flow once they find their rhythm From one line the stories aren’t satiated; thus, flows the recitations After a moment it becomes satisfying A miracle! Two strangers interpreting … Continue reading Stranger

Disappearing Sky

When the sky is soft and blushing with joy Pensive eyes think of the approaching darkness Not willing to retire just yet, there’s much more to contemplate Trying to hold back the twilight hour in a pleading voice Melancholic voice reverberates through the landscape Wind carries the gloomy weight of a solitary soul Sun wishes to recline after a hectic day, but rising trepidations are … Continue reading Disappearing Sky

In the Shadows

When it becomes uncomfortable dealing with the harsh lights The heart yearns to laze around amidst the comfort of shadows Silence finds noises to be utter stupidity; despises the disturbances Dreaming of being elsewhere, where the water is tranquil and blue Winds soft to the skin and day is as lazy as the slowest snail Where nature is nourished by the grace of light from … Continue reading In the Shadows