Cross the threshold to walk back to the solitary soul being deprived of sonorous sayings

Because the fight on the other side have been too intense; it’s time to take away the sceptre from haughty hands

Feeling uncomfortable amidst the artificial comforts of well-spun reality, where cities flounder every moment

Distracted by the frivolities and frolicking chapters of stupor in full view of impressionable eyes

Where the sky bleeds red from melancholic feelings and afflictions of the emotions

Horizon bends too much, distorting the light to display an unreal drama for the joyless eyes

On the other side of the threshold, there is a new house waiting to welcome the awakened dweller


7 thoughts on “Threshold

    1. If you may have noticed, in every age there has been that balance maintained by few, who always helped differentiate between the truth and fabrications. I believe that those few have been powerful enough to maintain that clarity, in spite of the sinister efforts. That humanity is being taken ahead to another shift, is also a new awakening because of that consciousness. The eternal power helps in that passage.

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