Wish to Return

After all the adventures do you wish to return?

Would you feel bitter, leaving the trail of a journey midway?

That calling from home is always there like an obsessive tune

It is another matter that you choose to hum differently

Trying to find other rhythms to compete with the busy world

Are you being listened to? 

You wouldn’t realize, as your tune submerges in the sameness

Do you remember the flavour of your home?

The unkempt feelings reside there in a dreary place

Surrounded by musty walls; the emptiness has an overpowering odour

Valuable artefacts tussle and fall over each other to crowd the dwelling

Far away from home, the crooks have an eye on the valuables

Why lament, when you do not wish to walk back to your home?

Someday, the voices will dwindle and even the Sun won’t be above

The rapid disintegrations will not be cushioned by darkness


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