How far Creativity can Journey

Creativity is a journey where you will be questioned about the intentions. When you create something, especially a story from your imaginations, you have to be convinced about your ability to conceive every aspect of an idea. An idea is just the beginning, maybe a point; a pulsating core, from which you radiate across the spectrum of creativity.

Are you really writing what you genuinely feel? It takes courage to release the idea from the confines of your mind to the world of readers.

It is possible, you will not be read because of your clarity and unique ability to present ideas which are not usually communicated. Times are for conformity; even for writing, it means restricting the urge to abandon the original idea over the strong contention that one has to sort out. It’s easier to go with the flow than face the challenges of an uncommon narrative.

Most good writings are getting scant attention, as there is not enough space for them to compete with the ubiquitous generalizations that engage the readers. Anything that does not challenge the status quo is preferable. The entire idea of creativity should have been to break stereotypes, but they have always been rejected due to their bold overtures.

Writing must not become a drama, but writing can create the inspiring drama to reflect on society’s challenges and shrinking space of creativity. The provocative sentences and strong dialogues can inspire communication among the audience. Writing is communication!

There should not be a one-way road etched out with writing. Narrowing the passages of creativity creates a crowd, and everything possible clichés are crammed into that passage to create a logjam. There’s not enough scope for aspiring writers to enter this crowded tunnel. The sluggish flow of similar ideas flow into an abyss!

The entire idea of getting instant recognition weakens the very soul of writing. Stories lack that radiance! Time isn’t essential, but to challenge the present time with powerful literature initiates a courageous narrative for society.

Being subservient to the disgraceful ideas isn’t going to enrich literature, but only enable their early disintegration. Even before a writing gets time to develop resilience to fight aberrations, they themselves become anomalies. Stories spell out unoriginal ideas and plot the reader’s enthusiasm to dwindle. Fear of criticism holds back writers from expressing the original ideas.

Fantastic stories of change can empower others to think and critically analyze the scope of life’s journey. Every facet of life needs introspection and can be effectively highlighted through purposeful writing.


5 thoughts on “How far Creativity can Journey

  1. Very well articulated post Amitav. Writing should be genuine and reflective of ones personality and beliefs. Whatever be the form of writing, it is very important to connect with the readers. If one’s writing can empower, inspire or bring a smile to the readers face, that is work well done!

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    1. Very nicely said. I think WordPress gives immense opportunity to reach out to wonderful readers and it is the right platform to hone our skill. We have a wonderfully supportive community here. No wonder, we all love to share our work here.

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