This journey is exciting and isolating as well

There are rainbows of dreams and euphoria 

Cloudy at times, with melancholic feels

Such contrasts reciprocate to moments

It’s a learning process to deal with change

A story of an interconnected world

Idyllic settings cushion busy upsetting times

Pillow of thoughts to be chosen carefully

While dreams are to be protected from wickedness

Pendulum moments of sleep and turmoil

The kind of rain one chooses to be drenched in

Not of crying but of nature’s benevolence

Talks of brevity and long winding unclear speeches

Disorderly times can be tranquilised with lullabies

Love’s antithesis cannot be hatred and jealousy

So many assorted images over pale canvases

It takes incisive eyes to cut out the correct images

Isolation isn’t as tiresome as it is said to be

Languages evolve with introspection and creativity

To translate dreams according to their true spirit


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