Strenuous Moments

Laboured footsteps while climbing a hill

Rarefied emotions feel heavier while carrying vintage shadows

Clouds come closer; their soft soul saturated with melancholy

Eyes feel blurry among the recent rush of feelings

So many beloved moments are just memories now

Hoping for rare providence; there’s a prayer always echoing at the distance

Sometimes, man wishes to rewrite the past in new ink

It’s lonely at the top and this type of solitude grips the being with trepidation

Always that sense of uncertainty of appropriatng the feelings to the present

Going downhill won’t be easier, as the reluctant steps will falter

Clocking the loneliness with the beautifully difficult weather gives respite


5 thoughts on “Strenuous Moments

      1. I have been experiencing losses and all that comes with these times in our lives….bitter sweetnesses, gratitude yet pain, deep holes filled with memories long lasting
        Just when you think, even know what it is to be human, there is more…
        Good to hear from you too…. hope you are well in your world🙏

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