Ther are numerous sounds we cannot keep track of

Even during the most intimate dreams, many sounds are forgotten by the wayside 

With lukewarm eyes, one sees ahead but falters when the steps get entangled

To those strewn sounds, their intensity and rage create a mysterious network

Sometimes solemn moments are not realised in the euphoria of dreams

Shivers fling away extraneous emotions wishing to penetrate the skin

This is a new season of stupor, triggered by the new decibels

Even the everyday breathing seems to be of different nature; inhaling pride

Time suspended from the frivolous branch of reasoning that’s too weak

Silences are not always thoughtful amidst the controversies of eradicating sounds

Harsh sounds, mellow sounds, or just sounds of warnings to take the right track

Even the sounds emanating from the distance between self and soul is deeply disturbing


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