When one does not have the courage to read the truth

How can one dream of experiencing it?

It’s true, the truth is scathing and unabashed about disrupting the misdoings

Misguided life may cruise through the empty labyrinths of unfettered beliefs

Words stare menacingly at the attempts being made to construct lies

Flagellated tongue can barely utter the sentiments without faltering

But scathing nonetheless, they open up the old wounds to pour some unhealthy solution

Retire  and read the writings on the wall; language speaks of retribution

Before questioning the uselessness of truth in a convoluted world


9 thoughts on “Courage

    1. Interesting question! I have tried explaining it here- Some dreams are embedded in the consciousness too. The Truth of the supreme realms ( not the ones we believe to be or manifested by our beliefs) can only be realized by the ones who believe it, or, willing to surrender to the path of realization. The dreams that are often seen can be of worldly experiences, or our unfulfilled desires magnified and reinforced.
      Yet, the embedded dreams are often not experienced.

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      1. I thought about it a little bit after reading your post and came to no immediate conclusion as I have both kinds of dreams.

        What you are saying here is quite revealing, as one can only know this by experience.

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      2. I dream nightly, and therefore interpret daily, that which I can remember, that is.

        Like you say, some dreams are a continuation of the daily life, but some aren’t. My dreams usually fall into the latter category. I’m actually not learning about my dreams from life, but learning the truth about life from my dreams. There are so many hidden things I would have never known if it were not for their constant revelation.

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      3. Yes, this is important and you rightly said it “I’m actually not learning about my dreams from life, but learning the truth about life from my dreams”… The stimulation of the brain due to such incidents can help interpret the meaning of dreams.

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