Fate of Creativity

Creativity is personal, mostly, a solitary journey to create a narrative from some ideas. This intrinsic experience is then presented to the world where many curious eyes try to interpret them. It is true, they will be misinterpreted and sometimes even left unattended because of the strong emotions they manage to stir.

Creativity is continuity!

There is a special relationship with this journey; it can be appealing and appalling too. Some of the ideas can be rather intimidating for the common consciousness. It is a brave decision to tread this path, being aware of the consequences.

Works which elicit strong criticism manage to stir the mundane circumstances. A wake-up call for the indifferent ones!

Creativity cannot be meek enough and shy away from such reactions. When creativity ignites emotions, there will be turbulence. Keeping that integrity during adverse moments tests the character of a creative piece.

A profoundly creative work comes from a world imagined by the writer which is yet to become a reality; yet, that reality is impregnated into the consciousness of this existence at that moment. It’s subtle, but has the potential to transform the course of critical thinking, and thus, the ecosystem of society.

Each work of creativity is under the constant scrutiny of incisive eyes. They are deconstructed and an attempt is made to put them together in a more congenial manner (a more diluted version which does not threaten the existing schools of thoughts).

A writer must strive to introduce fresh ideas, rather than cloud the creativity with references. Propose some hope, however outrageous they may be perceived to be at that moment (they may not be popular either) but will eventually break the mould.

Creativity has to be brave enough to survive the onslaught of criticisms!

They may be discarded too but will be picked up by curious eyes that can interpret the soul. One should not fear such harsh treatment and continue to move ahead on the journey. It could all be destined for you to pick them up and narrate to the world that is desperately seeking change.


17 thoughts on “Fate of Creativity

  1. I agree because all of the most celebrated people from Malcolm X to Madonna were a new angle, voice and the timing was perfect. What could be dismissed at one time would be worshipped in another situation. I try not to worry about critics but I still havent had the guts to do stand up comedy because I dont like rejection. I dont use any mood altetring substances anymore or get Beer Balls to help me perform but I think one day I will take the challenge sober but its scary lol

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    1. Ha ha ha.. Glenna, yep you should take up the challenge.

      I agree with you, timing and the prevailing sentiments of masses could be the deciding factor. I feel critics have their job, but we must not become too sensitive to their commentaries and continue to improve our work.

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  2. This such a powerful piece of writing. I found this line to be so true – “Creativity has to be brave enough to survive the onslaught of criticisms!” as the criticism sometimes comes from self and at times from others. But “Creativity is continuity!”

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