Deceptive Times

The absurd trophies sit there, silently mocking the grandiloquent achievements Participating in the events where ridicule for cerebral ideologies was the cause of celebration Where stony words were hurled so easily; the multiple reflections of a fractured community Privilege to become an antagonist when such desires are abundantly honoured with glistening trophies Time is usually contorted to portray the meaning of existence in a controversial manner … Continue reading Deceptive Times

Wicked Desires

Incandescence of jealousy lighten the colours of naturally vibrant feelings Such meek surrender to comparisons in a way fraught with pernicious desires A voraciously consuming relationship that feeds off an ambivalent mind Mischief in the eyes of intentions masked by numerous excuses that are conceived Nervous relationship surrounded by a plethora of overzealous devilish eyes There are so many reasons to deceive the soul while … Continue reading Wicked Desires

Changing Concepts

Ivan always set the pace of his day with his incredibly ambitious plans he thought of. He rushed through the quietness of the morning to immerse himself in the busy city life; his eyes only yearned for the dull grey colours. Manoeuvring through the numbed consciousness of the skewed designs drawn with some grumpy pen. The concepts of such designs are mostly ill-fitting; looks much … Continue reading Changing Concepts