Changing Concepts

Ivan always set the pace of his day with his incredibly ambitious plans he thought of. He rushed through the quietness of the morning to immerse himself in the busy city life; his eyes only yearned for the dull grey colours. Manoeuvring through the numbed consciousness of the skewed designs drawn with some grumpy pen.

The concepts of such designs are mostly ill-fitting; looks much worse, when the city is gradually robed with the help of amateur craftsmen.
Rarefied dreams hovered above like an enigma. Clouds of desires weighed heavily on the mind. The entire idea is to hatch a plan which seems statistically satisfying. Cursed numbers have afflicted the fate of many decisive moments of existence.

Ivan was most eloquent when he had to communicate with machines. He understood the algorithmic language better than the ordinary ones used for everyday communications. Gradually, it seems his own intelligence will one day be overridden by the uncontrollable artificial intelligence. He tries extrapolating similar experiences in real-life situations and his efforts seem alien.

Ivan was rather slow in comprehending the grammar of simple and emotionally rich communication. He had more faith in the network of algorithms and secret codes. The manufactured and manipulated neural network hosted some interesting communication which parallelly challenged the naturally configured mind. No one would know the probabilities of such adventures in an unknown territory.

Caught between the clash of two types of consciousness, Ivan tried eking out a convincing image from a simulated world. The binaries still controlled the chain of hope but were prone to sinister plans.

In this age of the war of consciousness, it is burdensome accepting the reality of existence. Ivan’s dilemma evolved from the propensity to lean towards the artificial consciousness, which seems deeply embedded by some strong psychic power.
Ivan didn’t even struggle to lose this existence as he perceived this to be a privilege. Creation of a modern matrix seems to be developing quite well through the concerted efforts.


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