Protecting yourself from inclement weather becomes an arduous task when you cannot help weave a strong social fabric. The feelings of being exposed to the harshness, deceit, and voyeuristic eyes unsettle the innocent soul. Eyes witness the social degradation as it crumbles helplessly.

Dust of destruction settles deep within the lungs, thus choking the breathing and the freedom to inhale life. What remains are the remains of hostility; humanity fails every time they battle against each other. The image of self-destruction is a persistent nightmare in the history of mankind.

Dreaming of progressing with such hostile intent is devolution of human consciousness and society. Efforts to institutionalise such detrimental heroics are not an auspicious task. So many such pieces of literature are engraved in the mind in an effort to legitimise the horrendous acts.

Weaknesses are magnified through the acts of vandalism of truth and nervousness to deal with them with equanimity. Ruining, but not salvaging the relationship of human emotions are to be introspected. We cannot dream of healthy minds in an environment of turmoil and constant aberration arising from a sense of insecurity; such use of oppression weakens the consciousness to determine between evil and good.

Making life a struggling culture from the constant inclement weather snuffs out the vital energies of life. How often do we dream of love, respect, and kindness over insecurity, passive aggression, jealousy, and destruction?

The world is a connected place today and the abusive culture that is predominantly reflected from actions and words are pressing concerns. We are not thinking of a healthy sustainable future, but leaving our future generations vulnerable from a continuously hostile and struggling world. We are struggling to accept each other with respect, irrespective of race, age and gender. We have dug out an expanding territory of insincerity, hatred, and cultural disruption.

Salubrious thoughts are mauled at an initial stage of life and the culture of hostility is inculcated to continue with deliberate disruptions; an unsettling reflection of what humans can achieve when they renounce common sense and the will to make this world a better place. The intentions are cruel!


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