In A Corner

How much can you accumulate in a corner?

Everyday stories gathered there over the years

Differentiating them is impossible

How can one identify the sentiments with a glance?

Watching them pile up is a cause for concern

Maybe, one day the words will be misshapen from the weight

Reading them will be harder; not that anyone showed curiosity

They were meant to be cornered against that nondescript corner

Looking at them boredom spilled over

The stories are now like useless spices having lost their aroma and flavour

Only the moldy smell from the corner overpowers the senses

Failing health of the pages do not inspire even pity

Writer’s dilemma, whether to keep them as derelict mementos 

Testing times for the overcrowded corner

Even the insects are bored of nibbling the pages

So many stories seem to be grieving 

Forgotten even by the creator; their fate depends on nature

Till the house stands and a corner embraces them

Severe treatment of such stories narrate a grim reminder 

The pen and the ink are perceived to be adversaries 


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