Real Existence

Where is that secret book where the designs of the Universe was conceived?

If the writing is incomprehensible and the narrator of those esoteric words is sleeping

Humanity may not be acquainted with the unusual grammar 

The cryptic sentences may have been a deliberate attempt to secure them from pilferage

Of human greed and the propensity to destroy any evidence of eternal Truth

Using the frail magic of mystification to cloak the worldly existence with turmoil and derision

A replica of caricatures magnifies the evil caricatures speaking a sinister language

What is the use of that truth that started as a rumour from the many deceitful stories?

Freedom destroy with incessant lies have been the most critical achievement till now

That book of Truth, with evidence of the most profound designs, reflect in many dimensions

Earth will awaken from the rhythmic chants from the book of Truth

Veiled existence can never offer the freedom of life or teach the real essence of being


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