Most audacious creativity is only possible when there is no fear of criticism and the courage to shatter the restrictions imposed by perceptions and prejudices. Contributing to Art is not an easy journey. The entire journey is a solitary one, where the creator has to battle social dogmas. Appeasing the handful with a cluster of flattery is not creativity. There will be many instances when there will be less encouragement and more intimidations to follow the pattern which does not unsettle their retrogressive thoughts. There will be a pattern to dissuade and disparage the works of creativity and even malign the intentions. Any idea or representation which is incisive, shatter the facade of mediocrity.



3 thoughts on “Audacious

  1. This sound nice, like the anthem of any struggling writer artist architect. We do travel through darkness but it’s all to gift the world with our creations which is a beautiful thing.

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