Progressive Creativity

The Creative medium delves into many aspects and experiences of life. Given this fact, a lot of times sensitive issues will be presented through storytelling. Let’s not be oblivious to the events that impact society in a negative way. It is the responsibility of Art to discuss and communicate with readers and Art lovers to ideate and participate across platforms to come up with workable solutions. Many cannot express their feelings due to various constraints, but it is essential to unite society to initiate a movement that will help those people to come forward with their problems.

In our society, people facing adverse situations are being ostracised. Such behaviour is incomprehensible when we have continuously believed humans are social beings and we have to depend on the intricate ecosystem to survive. In an interconnected world, we have to be empathetic to each other’s feelings while respecting their individuality. This world is vibrant because of so many unique personalities, cultures, religious beliefs, and nationalities contribute to this journey. It’s a natural phenomenon, where every day, so many stories of inspiration, triumphs, and failures exist. I have uttered them in one sentence, as I believe, each of those events has equal importance in our life. 

No one is defined by success or failure, but the minds are prepared to deal with ever-changing nature of life. This journey is not about dwelling on one dimension of winning only; failures are equally important to learn how to triumph and respect its importance. No one is perfect, in fact, the entire concept of perfection has to mature into a more comprehensive ideology to accommodate those who are not ashamed to fail and learn from mistakes. Perfection being sold as a nonsensical idea of a utopian and idealistic world has to transform or perish.  

Here, the role of creativity, Art, and storytelling can help bring people together to push back and resist the vilification and reform those minds who believe in ostracising people for their perverted pleasures. In this digital age, it is becoming a nuisance, as we wake up to the cruel reality of trolls or ghouls who take advantage of anonymity to start a vicious tirade against people who wish to share their struggles. We all struggle, but then there are those who wish to be mere spectators from the fringes. 

Let’s be open to those creative expressions which unrepentantly portray those evils in society and shy away from such realities. As readers, we must be mature enough to come with a liberal attitude to understand the facets and nature of literature and Art. 

We must not use such platforms to seek out individuals to abuse them. If that happens, we will become a stupid society that believes in bullying people. If we fail to heed those voices, we cannot come up with more principled and nuanced views that will help humanity to evolve. The degradation of language is a warning sign for society; it is an indication of a degrading culture. As minds become more prejudiced, the scope for new thoughts to emerge from regressive ideologies dwindles. 

Being social on a social media platform should be the unifying culture to propagate new ideas, allowing people to share their views and also welcoming more minds into this ever-expanding world. We are on the cusp of emphatic change, and we can tide over this enormous wave by coming up with sustainable ideas. Be creative, but don’t be crass. Let’s all evolve with a culturist view to look at this world with progressive eyes. Invite more people to join this journey of progressive creativity.


4 thoughts on “Progressive Creativity

    1. Thank you so much. I believe, the focus must be on creativity and discussing new ideas. Humanity require progressive creativity to engage meaningfully with life. Unfortunately, with the Social Media culture it seems to be dwindling.

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      1. Ever notice the zombie aspect of being plugged in 24/7? I wonder how much people are thinking rather than reacting. So much coming at them and they don’t filter, like walking, talking file cabinets that never get cleaned out. Thumbs up. Thumbs down, …and we’re outta here. No time to think.

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      2. To the point, incisive, and yes, I agree with you completely. I think your comment is very important to wake people up from the zombie reverie. The dumbing down of literature and not encouraging a ‘thinking culture’ is becoming the norm. Kudos to you for speaking the truth in a straight forward manner.

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