Of Criticisms and Praise

Instead of pushing back criticism, collect them and analyze their psychology. It may reflect surprising, otherwise hidden, some nuanced behavioural aspects of how humans react to situations. A piece of writing may be followed by praise or criticism.

While all praises may not be justified, the criticisms, although incisive may speak volumes about characteristics of minds and their reactions to a piece of writing.

Reflect longer on criticisms and build a comprehensive narrative to come up with psychological and philosophical aspects of how readers accept any literature or a piece of creative expression.

Don’t be fooled by praise and riled by the criticisms.

It is imperative to build a balanced temperament to analyze them to arrive at informed conclusions. They may even take you to another path, which you were oblivious to all this while.

The interpretations of creativity are about perceptions and prevailing sentiments of society. Popular beliefs shape the viewpoint of an individual, and thus, restrict the imagination and healthy speculations based on surrealism.

Creativity will be pushed away with critical arguments, but it is up to the creative resilience to continue building up a credible narrative to transform perceptions. It’s a challenging journey of prevailing over set ideologies to bridge the abyss of angry silence and vehement denial towards any contrary views.

If you enjoy the praises, be open to criticism as well. It helps creativity to look at both the contradictions with equanimity.

Also, be careful to identify justified and constructive criticisms, and do not buckle under abusive rants. It is just a fair warning for those who wish to communicate with their creativity and initiate a credible communication, and even inspire others to do so.


11 thoughts on “Of Criticisms and Praise

      1. Fear has become a primary motivator, so much so that people cannot admit to have made so much as a mistake. They feel it will lessen their value somehow. So it is really hard to get through to these souls with constructive criticism or the audacity to suggest that there might be a better way.

        The crux is, people aren’t accepting themselves and don’t respect the fact that we all are works in progress. Even if you were to get it right every single time, there would still be the odd character out there who would slam your efforts for their own self-glorification.

        It’s best to look life square in the eye and see it for what it is. Be yourself. It’s not your problem if you’re not accepted, unless there truly is progress to be made.

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      2. Creativity or creating (a reality or literature) out of fear will fall apart. Mimicking the behaviour of an antagonist or being unnecessarily defensive diminishes the scope for any discussion.

        Are we learning and discovering much about ourselves? If the extrinsic perspectives are prompting our behaviour, then its a reflection of outside stimuli, rather than original character responding to a situation.

        Being truly an individual to look at life and introspect takes immense self-realization. It is a ‘work in progress’ with changes in life.

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      3. No disagreement here. I hear you. You asked the question we should all be asking: “Are we learning and discovering much about ourselves?” What little cost for a little introspection. What great benefits! Or do we play along with the outside and imposed narrative.

        It takes courage to be self-realized. If only it were so that more sought to become personalized in this material.

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      4. I hope, the efforts by few to make a positive change and help tide across the turbulent times to a new era of existence, won’t be in vain.

        Narratives have to be patiently created in an effort to bring in more souls to believe that there is another awakening waiting to happen.

        Self-realization, as you said, “takes courage” I feel will happen, albeit slowly, but times will be conducive.

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      5. The present time offers transportation, as if through a portal, to an exceedingly glorious future. I know this reality is present, but I wonder which souls will make the passage, and which souls will forego in order to continue as they have been, blinders on.

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      6. Only time will decide and I feel the same, as you have mentioned here. As for who will journey through to the glorious future depends on, as we had discussed, on self-realization and believing in the Truth.

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