Perceptions and Reality

The nature of philosophy evolves from nature itself. By nature, it means the entire existence as a single point of consciousness, from which the concentrated knowledge pulsates at a celestial rhythm. To be aware of that frequency of thought, on has to be silently observant, then sort out the contradictions, eventually contemplating even more to comprehend the purest of language.

Building knowledge from mere assumptions of worldly realities (which are just imaginations of human minds executed by designs of various form) is not the most convincing type. Even, the interpretations of ancient texts may be misinterpretations and magnified without the core knowledge of nature. If not language were altered to glorify the changing realities as assumed by humanity, there still would have existed the real meanings.

Thinking in a frequency of diminishing consciousness can only come up with restricted reasoning. There probably isn’t an effort to surrender to the texts, as they are perceived to be mere literature discussing the knowledge acquired from some esoteric source. Our finite observations and amnesia prevent continuity of that legacy of knowledge; so, the distortions and disruptions are inevitable. Here we are, speculating and contradicting ourselves, rather than concentrating on that eternal source of knowledge.

The reality that we cannot perceive or convincingly wrap our consciousness around it is in fact, more real than the reality that we are used to believing in. The surreal and ephemeral are considered to be mere imaginations of hallucinating or delusional minds. Such thoughts have been cultivated to deviate from the reality of consciousness and thus, diluting the reality. Our belief in the omniscient is out of fear and the propensity to fulfill expectations. The nature of reality and future can be only understood when there is no expectation but only reverence for that entire consciousness.

Most of nature seems to be still until we experience the upheavals and adjustments that shake up the entire human race. It’s at that stillness, nature achieves its immense energy to trigger an evolving change. We have managed to create complex simplicities, without the clarity of what actually simple represents.

Our idea of simple is of a complex nature from the ever-shifting communication between unreasonable consciousness. To compose real simplistic, yet profound reasoning one has to deconstruct the mind’s dimension and determine the immense capabilities of sequencing the consciousness with real nature of philosophy (that point of reference, conscious of the entire existence).

The substance of existence is substantiated by the unrestricted and continual movement of the pure particles of the universe. Self-sustaining and emanating the power accumulated from silence. We have to gain independence from what we aspire to conceive and the concepts that follow. The nature of being is, and not what we think it is to be from our distorted reality. That you are independent and self-sufficient is a concept from that point of reality; only to be believed with evolving consciousness.


3 thoughts on “Perceptions and Reality

  1. The thing is, as far as what I have noticed, that nothing is static to be observed. Even the face of nature changes over time. So if we are looking for something changeless to define reality, we won’t be able to find it. It exists, may be life’s truest narrative.

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    1. Yes, I agree. But we tend to rely on structured reasoning and conceived ideas. Here I have mentioned, “the entire existence as a single point of consciousness, from which the concentrated knowledge pulsates at a celestial rhythm”… that energy is the wave of change. But that which is constant is the truth from which every change is initiated. It sounds like a contradiction, but probably the ‘supra consciousness’ , ‘super consciousness’ which is omniscient knowledge of all dimensions.

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