The Pursuit

The valiant eyes have to seek beyond the obvious to gather new perceptions If not one wishes to view the world with someone else’s Rearrange the thoughts, or even erase some of them; annoyingly burden the space And pulling the eyes away from core consciousness of life Evaluate philosophy rather boringly; it’s an experience one cannot surrender to reluctant minds To remain oblivious to the … Continue reading The Pursuit

When Darkness Awakens

The nights are neither freakish nor the devils that are imagined, real Strange predicament of the mind quizzically trying to solve mysterious dilemmas An entire reality carved out from the magical mirrors blended with sorcerers chants How truthful can the silhouettes be, that are being manipulated like puppets? Bizzare occurrences are not anticipated but painted with clingy and devilish ink Blood flowing through the body feels … Continue reading When Darkness Awakens