Through Rejections

Writers do not relish rejections. That is supposedly the sentiment one has when volumes of work lay there in front of your eyes waiting to be placed somewhere. Placed somewhere? Absolutely not, that cannot be an appropriate approach to the hours you have spent, while preventing anyone from stepping into your world of words. A reclusive figure becomes almost a disgusting character. Society does not … Continue reading Through Rejections

Not in Rhythm

Veiled innocence; listen to some of the scandalous arguments The definitions of fame are being defamed by some stupid conspiracies  That fellow named jealousy walks in to befriend the gullible Infernal tongue dribbles slanderous languages convincingly Stares become lecherous at the instigation of some objectified ideology An aubade sounds unpoetic when the language has been tampered with Ogres disguised as innocent faces unsettle the rhythm … Continue reading Not in Rhythm