The Absurd

We are witnessing some refined nonsense and nonsensical culture being propagated like a contagious disease. It is surprisingly becoming a popular language to propagate a network through the networld. Repetitive can be tolerated, but the subservient tolerance for such nonsense isolates the ones who choose not to be associated with such company.

What is it that gives the mind such resilience to not only relish the baloney but be a party to it?

The popularity and meaning of absurdity have changed since the ‘Absurdist movement’ and the dramatists’ representation of society. That surrealistic representation of repressed anguish and senselessness of finding a purpose(s) has been mired in absurd definitions of what the sense could perceive of the existential struggle.

Even is absurdist literature we could find some underlying meaning of deconstructing society and the prevailing sentiments of the masses. Slowly, they trickle down or invade the individual household and becomes the continuing factor of communication.

In this age, we have managed to transform the absurd into a grotesque and pessimistically engaging sentiment through the hopelessly twisted perceptions developed from, again, the nonsensical.

The absurdity is further stretched by those who are offended by the writings that expose such nonsensical diatribes but maintains a stoic silence in an increasingly abusive environment, perpetrated through language initially, and then extends to actions.

Degradation of language is a powerful indicator of a society’s communication health. The abuse of language extends to the senses and eventually alters the tongue. Such nonsense repeated thoroughly becomes an overdramatic attempt to overpower commonsense to conveniently change the course of thinking; thus, altering the language and even stultifying their purpose.

If we cannot initiate a healthy communication, it is indicative of a greater malaise. Living in continual distress is being amplified through various mediums with the help of such distorted language. Nothing absurd anymore, when they become a norm!

An existential dilemma has been the core reason for frequent disruptions and even violent protests. We have been cruel to the cause of finding a sensible existential drama, which can enhance the role of all the characters.

Quarrels, fights, and violent repressions have permeated the ethos of existence. Since we all hope for a secure and credible future, we do not introspect on the online mediums through which we propagate foolishly destabilising ideologies. We become victims after we remain silent to the absurd and grotesque culture of discrimination.

Development and sustainability are essential, and we can achieve that with healthy communication and meaningful use of language. Our culture starts with the way we think, communicate, and write. In fact, literature can be the most inspiring and easily available means to refine distorted languages and stimulate young minds to come up with sensible ideas.


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