We are actively trying to conform, to learn what is being taught, to impress those who wish to listen to their narratives being reinforced one sentence and theories at a time. After giving up the intentions of understanding what we desire to learn from uninfluenced sources of the universe. Failing to grasp the nature of learning and understanding weaken the prospects to be free.

Free from the ideologies and isms of life that have been pressing on the conscience for as long as humanity can remember. Studying the past to appropriate it with the present is a fool’s idea of correcting the course of change, but a stubborn idea to stifle the flow of existence. This is where understanding the past was thus important. When the concept of understanding is nothing but a mere pendulous movement of the head in confirmation of the conformation, it is surrender.

Drowsy approval from the slumberous mind not only strengthens the dangerous aberrations but recites their destructive history at present times. We are distressing ourselves every day and tiring out the senses because of the norms we adhere to. We complain about tyranny and various social ills that are corrupting the generations to come, but we have not stood up to the indoctrinations by the reckless and devious minds that we celebrate or look up to. Their leadership is questionable, but we fall for their narcissistic charm. Our inadequate understanding of character becomes a litmus test for the development or lack of it in society.

When it is time to consolidate life in an effort to understand the gravity of existence, we tend to go wild with distractions. Again, perceptions and traditional conflicts repeat with every generation. We seem to hate something or do not listen to the other side of the story dues to that artificial insulation with conformed ideologies. This, in turn, isolates the mind from other cultures and we do not really view life from every possible dimension. Our stoic acceptance of the past means their reiteration! Learning to resist change, or accept the change that suits that isolated mind cannot bring the more substantial transformation that humanity seeks.

When communication becomes gossips or repeating the uncorroborated information, it will be prone to dangerous alterations and manipulations. Fake propaganda with such misleading information has plagued every possible branch of knowledge. The perforated theories allow untruths to pass through and weaken the institutions of critical thinking.

We cannot deal with a crisis, as we are thrown into such situations deliberately to siphon off the last remaining resilience. Even our outrage is against the intellectuals who try to suggest and warn everyone to refrain from such meek submission; to the principles of conforming to detrimental efforts of destruction.


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