How to Write Confidently

  1. Read, but don’t read anything that fancies your eyes; the narrative should appeal to your heart.
  1. Try to think beyond the conventional. It is the writer’s ability to imagine a story that will reflect all the dimensions of life.
  1. Writing must be brave; do not conform to the usual storytelling ideas and never fashion your writing according to the set ideas.
  1. Write with a natural flow; fill pages after pages without even thinking about word limits. Words/number of words do not define writing, it is the creative aspect and ability to hold the reader’s attention longer.
  1. Writing isn’t for instant gratification. Don’t prepare a soup with the concoction of words and garnish of insipid lies. Writing will be in a soup!
  1. Write for yourself; determine whether you will read the same thing if you are an avid reader. Do not take the reader’s intelligence for granted.
  1. Stay away from plagiarism! This will abruptly end the career of a writer and is a shameful practice.
  1. The ability to understand the philosophy of life and human emotions, along with comprehending nature of this universe will make writing great. It will resonate with every reader of any age.
  1. Do not heed the numerous creative writing suggestions that are ubiquitously given by novice and amateur writers. Listen to your heart, read good literature, hone your writing skill (WRITE EVERY DAY).
  1. Do not ponder over the ‘WRITER’S BLOCK’ syndrome too much. It’s more of a psychological block, or, lack of inspiration, or just laziness.
  1. Do not drown your creativity in ‘sameness’. Be confident and different with your creativity.


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