Writing, a Miracle

Writing is a miracle! The entire experience of understanding the philosophies which are emerging and evolving is a glimpse of a wonderful revelation. For a writer to be able to experience them and express them in words is deeply satisfying. The world may not be ready yet, for the narratives, but the philosophies grace the pages with profound presence.

When the materialistic world takes away everything, it is this creative process which is enriching, as well as a deservingly learning experience. It is not an exaggeration to say, that writing opens many eyes. Every day it is a miracle to view so many unknown dimensions of life and chronicle them.

For writing to transform, the writer must push aside ignorance; the ignorance of wrongful information that always tries to weaken knowledge. It will be a surprising experience of realisation of authority and privilege to learn new philosophies. You will be astonished to sense so many previously unknown voices that teach you about life.

A writer has to believe in the eternal prospects of knowledge to birth writing. Imaginations will lead to confusion, even self-doubt, but it is these moments which will further bring clarity. Do not prey on ideas that weaken literature! Master your emotion to gain mastery over so many facets of life that are yet to be expressed.

Believe in the treasures of writing and don’t be afraid to convey the sentiments that have never been said before. Often, a writer will feel alone for being too adventurous with unsettling philosophies, but it is necessary to break the mould.


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