All about Perception

You can either meekly read out the words that are imposing condescending standards or take that pen to infuse revolutionary and evolutionary standards by transforming the words to daring messengers.

How many times reading has to be of self-pity and unnecessary victimization due to an erroneous representation of life?

Pages after pages, volumes after volumes of prose, poetry, and fiction pile up to erect a formidable wall in the disguise of literature. If literature is a reflection of life or even the representation of unspoken rules that are only whispered around in social circles, then literature has to be brave enough to open other avenues for the mind to seek.

If writing cannot evolve beyond the set standards of perceptions, then the writer is merely copying the words in the literal sense (the sense without sensibilities and unwilling to evolve either), makes a piece of literature a standard reading. Without the freedom to interpret beyond than what has been advised, is a lacklustre time for intellectualism to prosper.

The change in literature should be of change; a change that has not yet been perceived by society yet. A complete transformation of society and its philosophies start with a recurring trend in writing, whether it is, prose, poetry, and fiction.

We all struggle to perceive life and even wrestle with it to get entangled in it more. Instead of wrangling with life, a writer has to bravely deconstruct life, to appreciate the nuances of existence. The behaviour of society and its people are well understood by considering the psychology of the relationship with life, as there are many facets to it.

Writing is less about the words and more about the ideologies. Words are just the messengers, but the ideas have to be comprehensive enough to determine a multi-faceted personality to those messengers. Throwing words here and there or picking up some from other sources can only create a concoction of a contradiction of borrowed ideas. It is only going emboldening to the existing chaos.

As a reader, I choose to stay away from the gathered ideologies, which are bundled in a constricting way to create a bouquet of frail narratives. So, while writing one has to be empathic to the reader’s expectations. If your writing wishes to communicate authentically, then writing has to be evolved.

It is another matter if the reader’s like clichés and would prefer not to communicate with anything different in literature. Respect their choice! There are readers who are waiting to read some positive creativity and even wish to be inspired to take up the pen one day. Even, meaningful reading inspires minds to accept evolutionarily changes which help to deal with in a positive manner.


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