The Desire

If you have this desire to manipulate time, you may be considered a wizard by those who look at you, the exhibitionist, trying to create a dazzling drama where you are the protagonist, as well as the consequences of some lost time Eyes transfixed at the most mundane tricks ever; there is no scope for anyone  to wean away the spectators from the spectacle to deceive … Continue reading The Desire

In the Flow

Through the narrow passages, frail images float around like wavy coagulated reality There is no reply, waving at the uninspired faces; ashen times and their powdered reality of fragile particles Weak bonds and feelings undesirable create an unconvincing narrative that rarely speaks without the aid of tensed perspectives Original languages leave the tongue as if they are being pulled away by a strong inimical force … Continue reading In the Flow

The Fading Horizon

The undulating horizon is ready to fold itself Settle between the approaching darkness and taper off like the flame of a magic lamp Streaks of otherworldly light add some mysterious glow to eventide There could be the celestial eyes peeping through the intricately designed calligraphic signs Eyes try deciphering the ancient texts that appear just before the day is about to retire At this hour of … Continue reading The Fading Horizon