A Hasty Retreat

Retired in haste; being chastened by the rushed life for long Flattened emotions create a road to nowhere, just a feeling of moving forward Probably stationary, with a feeling of being pushed by some unknown hands Controlled by frenetic brains with an urgency to inject the flow with crazy ideas Engulfed in this metaphorical inferno- the proverbial thought of being encircled  By an infernal road, … Continue reading A Hasty Retreat

The Passion for Writing

The only cure for writing is to write even more; there isn’t any distraction that is persistent and bold enough to pull away from this journey. It’s not the temptations of words, but a strong persuasion of the heart to translate the secret conversations. They need to be there; rest on the blank pages and cushion their restlessness. For a while, everything feels insipid, colourless, … Continue reading The Passion for Writing