The Passion for Writing

The only cure for writing is to write even more; there isn’t any distraction that is persistent and bold enough to pull away from this journey. It’s not the temptations of words, but a strong persuasion of the heart to translate the secret conversations. They need to be there; rest on the blank pages and cushion their restlessness.

For a while, everything feels insipid, colourless, and even the silence does not comfortable anymore. The inner turmoil directs the hands to write frantically. Every feeling carried by the chosen words!

One has to deconstruct the self to construct the sentences. How does it feel to be vulnerable when scrutinized so closely and persistently? It is stressful, and the adrenaline pushes consciousness towards the edge of the world.

This must be insanity! To experience this insane journey, one has to prepare the itinerary. Who can prepare, when there are numerous uncertain bends and visits to uncommon destinations for ideas. Absorb, be saturated and ready to process the exhilarating feeling that only subsides after releasing the feelings from the core.

Who wouldn’t want to feel that uneasiness and discontent of wandering through anxious moments, seeking to be inspired by some surreal experiences? Again, the cure is in the process of writing! It is indeed a maddening harangue from a vast unexplored reality.

Navigating this isn’t easy, but worthwhile at the end. Each episode is different and story depends on the intensity.


2 thoughts on “The Passion for Writing

  1. This was a clear description of what it feels like to be an author. It is as if authors can experience the world of another by reading their words. Thank you for this inspiring reflection of the art that is literature. In the end you even mentioned the wonderful feeling of reading back what was written. This passion for writing you have I feel I can learn a lot from.

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    1. I am glad you could relate to this. The journey of a writer is one of passion. There will be many criticism and scrutiny, but the words must flow. That’s the nature of writing!


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