Acceptance and Reality

What if you are peeking unnecessarily through a broken prism to gather some distorted perspectives? Quite plausible, you reality or truth may not have as much clarity after all. We all look for that truth to make storytelling as convincing as our heart would like to delve deeper into the feelings.

Circumstances seem to be contradictory and inconsiderate of our effort, and the pen does develop a consciousness of its own; as if owned by some unseen forces of existence. Influenced by the complex and confusing hues, the ink transforms the nature of emotions, and also the words that behave rather strangely.

Whether you are writing to satisfy your soul or to gain some pithy sympathy through an exaggerated storytelling, is probably well known to your heart. In the guise of fiction, the fictional world is invaded by those adverse sentiments that play around to create a psychosis.

The intentions of meddling with someone’s feelings could be the ulterior motive of a story. It is a wily interest to engage the unassuming readers with a tale of deceit. Infusing fear with a meticulously woven narrative could be seen as a maze where truth seems to lose its way.

The responsibility of a writer to create a credible fiction is not necessarily discussed. The inability to interpret the distortions is a serious flaw while creating the characters of a plot; it is an effort to stimulate an environment of amnesia.

How well one can twist the philosophies is to be carefully noted from the erratic writings. In today’s reality, when distractions and false information are quite the accepted norm (as it is seen, we regret in retrospect) and realize well after the moment has passed to a more uncontrollable reality. While storytelling is pervasive, the nature of deceptions gains acceptance.

While someone creates different realities to explore the possibilities and place such different realities to solve the puzzle of various dimensions of consciousness, there could be some pieces that are missing.

Forgotten pieces of a puzzle loosen the plot make them vulnerable to pilferage and manipulations at will. How consciousness works and tricks the mind is a continuous learning, but the vacant spots and their glitches could alter much of reality.

Narrating such stories can be considered an anomaly and layering them with false beliefs can spread the web of lies much convincingly. Realizing the intentions of stories can be a painstaking affair. Only the conscious eyes can incisively deconstruct them to expose the real objective(s).

It is a phenomenon and human tendency to congregate around rhetorical narratives. Their suave tone and eloquent language, embellished with false information add to the frenzy. Some unknown eyes are lurking around to gauge the sentiments to plot the next episode of flamboyant nonsense to seduce the gullible minds.


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