Dislike for nature’s colour  Every season has a reason All life reflect their soul Colour’s never indecent Universes’ consciousness Yet, there’s preference Eyes discriminate them Does the soul too? Inclinations aren’t natural Colour is beautiful Life’s eternal clues in hues Glass prisms and kaleidoscope Distorts the spectrum Unaware of the soul of colours Life’s existence is vibrant Even darkness’s theme is magic Esoteric colours flow … Continue reading Colours

The Stormy Shade

An approaching storm isn’t the shade on is seeking to take shelter from all other troubles Eyes may be delighted by the strong light, but they are lightning strikes from the Lord of thunder Beware of the lightning decisions to move ahead towards the celestial incarcerations Where the pleas are offered matter to the fate of  mortal life  From antiquity, there have been  rich literature dedicated … Continue reading The Stormy Shade