In Idle Moments

Laziness might be a rebellion of a different kind in a busy world

Reveries; a luxury, when the world around me spins with another kind of energy

One who seeks tranquil moments must be in slumber

As the world wants you to be familiar with worldly advances and adventures

 Is it wrong to have found a place where I can rest; without the noises and unnecessary rhetoric

Looking within does not reflect selfishness

It is a choice to deliberately concentrate and introspect

Understanding the true nature of a day that is being hastily and roughly treated

My steps want to find the rhythm of the heart and feel the pulse often with curious fingers

What if I choose to be in that space where nature’s soul resides?

My yearning for silence should not be considered avaricious

I chose to speak less and listen more, for I wish to be a silent observer

Of seasons and the changes that the world denies with artificial urgency


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