From Echoes

Echoing laughter at a comedy does not speak of a relief from the tragedy For such lighter moments are creative spins to make tragic more palatable Sincere truth narrated in a dull language is too strong a potion to drink comfortably One seeks to be cured with laughter and cushion the pain with soft pillows of comedy Poetics is considered a defect if it defects from … Continue reading From Echoes

Strange Times

When didactic compositions seem prosaic The freedom of evils to fly anywhere and nest Gigantic wings and evil eyes; the flights create a storm Screams shatter the primordial silence Not words of any lore ancient that is strangely mythical Origin of trouble with celestial churning Winged fantasies and chilling calls Clouds become liquid metal Shudders the evening tranquility, again and again ~Amitav Continue reading Strange Times