It’s an Arduous Journey

Difficult it is to appreciate the beauty of infinitesimal realities They cannot be amplified with human imaginations  Until they possess the magical ability to intensify the senses  Being spectacular spectators of a reality that is being scripted Reading the weak words with an indescribable ability to tweak consciousness Of poetic splendours and eloquence, there is another dimension of poetics Translating the incredibly potent world that exists … Continue reading It’s an Arduous Journey


There are fantasies of vengeful love  Absurdities manifested in some eloquently hidden literature Written in a cryptic labyrinthine way to baffle the interpreter Not so much of a yearning of a soul to be with another A convoluted narrative of raging passive angst for love itself That consciousness needles the heart every day Yet, the true emotions of love do not permeate the pierced heart A … Continue reading Obscurity