Settling the Doubts

Are we becoming chronically serious? As society becomes more technical, clinical, and algorithms oriented, there are certain aspects of human behaviour getting erased every day.

Now we have access to information and digitized knowledge databases to educate ourselves, but there are not enough credible teachers, who are philosophically balanced to help us analyse every piece of information.

So, we are absorbing a huge amount of information (let’s term them so because they are not being debated enough before pursuing them after serious doubt) without proper interpretation and sincere study of their scope in today’s changing dynamics.

Faulty interpretations arise from unreasonable and uncertain doubts, without any effort to pursue further knowledge that can be extracted from a sincere study. There is a common habit of quoting or referring obsessively from the information gathered from various sources; they lack any personal interpretation, wherein, a parallel thought can be developed. It is only possible from rigorous study after relinquishing the stubborn beliefs and unshakeable ideological convictions.

We consider everything to be the truth because they have been chronicled; we fail to arrive at a similar or contrary conclusion for we lack the energy and ability to establish another truth.

Without shaking the tree vigorously you won’t get the fruits. Similarly, you won’t hear the entire truth or proposed philosophy, if you do not shake the words and theories. Move them around like a puzzle, unsettle them and hear the noises consciously.

The seriousness with which we become offended these days can be gauged from the abusive languages that are exchanged in the guise of a debate. I think social media and the digital platform has exposed the vulgar characteristics of people.

The destruction of language is an indication of society’s disintegration due to lack of communication. I have seen even the so-called successful people whom we have given iconic status resorting to abuse; it all starts with mental abuse with incoherent ideas and half-baked ideologies.

There is too much latent anger in the society that is waiting to erupt. I think, the inability to interpret a situation due to a lot of conflicting information that is being generated through 24/7 media.

When there is an established norm or conditions of success, there is no other way one is allowed to perceive it. So many minds are being led through a firm belief system to conform to a unidimensional way of thinking; without any critical analysis, the impassive approach to knowledge is scary.

We have to understand all that is considered strict knowledge may not be so, but mere adherence to one school of thought. Eroding the culture of discussion by pushing some agenda through redacted knowledge creates a void in the mind. There are no more doubts, but unshakeable conviction! This conviction is more doubtful as they arise from an unfair share of knowledge.

There is a violent spasm in society when someone wants to propose or establish contrary views after careful consideration of knowledge acquired from sincere and audacious philosophies. We are not kind to such propositions and are unusually violent. Ostracising an individual and condemning them is the chosen way to further push away the truth.

At the end are we really getting what we really want or merely being given something as a charity (information) because we choose to conform? The truth is that truth does not have a chance when we set the conditions and manipulate the situations. Internalising them through life does shut off that part of logical reasoning which could have helped to arrive at the truth.

If you allow such external conditions to breach your mind, it becomes difficult convincing that you have power over your thoughts. After conquering your fear you can devote time and energy to arrive at the truth that you deserve. A philosophical inquiry will guide the mind towards a more satisfying journey of knowledge and absolute truth.

Let me end this article with a very fine quote by Rene Descartes, “If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.”


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