Tough Lessons

Only if the words were read carefully

The images would have been interpreted accurately

Crowded images along with jostling thoughts

Feel helpless when words do not help form coherent ideas

Once learning was boring and seemed pontificating

Words were mangled or erased vigorously

Leaving the pages wounded with multiple blemishes

Hysterical and contemptible against any philosophy

The adventures of stupor took away the capabilities

Of differentiating between the right and wrong

All the wild adventures close in so claustrophobically

Seems, it all happens within a sinister enclosure

There’s no freedom without correct interpretations

Fleeing from reasons is reason enough for mistaken identity

The mirrors reflect a mismatch in an undemocratic manner

There’s nothing to reflect on, but withered words

Some of them eaten away by the avaricious ones

Lessons arrive later at trying times of such turmoil

Tough lessons are difficult to spell with limited words


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