Earnest Writing

Writing falls apart if they do not discuss the philosophical aspects of thoughts. Somewhere, the mind is inspired, disturbed, excited, and determined to translate them as convincingly possible. Myriad thoughts provoke the mind to write! When life itself is a philosophy, the thoughts, actions, and consequences are part of that philosophical belief system. The soul is in a synergistic relationship with philosophical existence. Birthed from … Continue reading Earnest Writing


Departing from the truth, a servile temper that is uncurable Vile souls gather to influence the course of a disgraceful journey Twisted counsels of the darkest hours under the spell of the devious magician It’s no fairytale; a severe wave misleads the mind to incoherent choices Wounds do not heal anymore as the spurious balms seep deeper to torment Intense burning sensation spreads everywhere in … Continue reading Departing