Earnest Writing

Writing falls apart if they do not discuss the philosophical aspects of thoughts. Somewhere, the mind is inspired, disturbed, excited, and determined to translate them as convincingly possible. Myriad thoughts provoke the mind to write!

When life itself is a philosophy, the thoughts, actions, and consequences are part of that philosophical belief system. The soul is in a synergistic relationship with philosophical existence. Birthed from philosophy and surrender to the infinite paths is a journey. While Realism was a movement is Art, it is also true that literary journey is redefined according to changing times. The beginning of Avant-garde epitomises Art as an intellectual and transforming idea for society.

Fill the canvases, the blank pages, walls with murals, shape the mud, and sculpt life into stones. Never mind the criticisms and resistance! Writing is part of the movement that is non-conformist, anti-institutional, and considered controversial because they shatter conventions.

Let your narrative be true and imagery honest with a culture of open-minded conversations between characters. Writing has to be philosophical, psychoanalytical, ferocious (to crush lazy ideas and ideologies), and carry defining symbolism which is true to the changing times. The nature of writing should be natural and flow with eagerness!


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