Night’s reticent, there’s no inclination of darkness emerging from obscurity

Tremors from the rage have unsettled days and they look like frayed ribbons

When revenge isn’t monotony, but peace is not given a chance by greedy preferences

One cannot hold on to the threadbare days to weave another canvas 

Torpedoes of jealousy and anger destroy the sustainable thoughts 

Persistent haze from hostilities define the wayward journey so far

Creativity survives through the abused sensibilities and lacklustre languages

What inspires them to salvage the emotions and words to write something positive?

Sharing happiness is rare; pouring negative emotions, again and again, is a nightmare

Which way the Earth leans is incomprehensible to the directionless travellers

Night wants to be pampered, stars praised, and moon eulogized by soothing words

It’s time to realise the reticence within and prepare to erase sinister narratives


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