When the house is a stranger The doors are unwilling to allow a visitor Windows speak of woes; that frosty feeling all over It does not keep away trespassers Foul intentions to peek and invade Ransack like maniacs, the strangers within are aloof Walls shudder and the rooms feel violated Strangers meet strangers, ready for a tussle Emotions have already been plundered Now profanities do … Continue reading Strangers

Poetic Compassion

A poem looking compassionately through someone else’s eyes  Somone who trusts the poet unwaveringly with all the feelings The task of translating them is a responsibility To create an uncontroversial canvas with the same genuineness A poet’s selfless gesture to listen, listen honestly from the heart and soul The poem may not be about the poet’s ‘I’ But it does have eyes to feel someone’s … Continue reading Poetic Compassion