Adrift; far away from the course of a future that may become a reality Elements within has listened to unprophetic narratives and changed their energy Without the synergy with the universe’s elements, a shift and rift is evident The heart speaks in a different accent and remains incommunicado from the truth Mere drift may not feel too much trouble but the shift in perception is … Continue reading Future

The Poetic Debate

Poetry is never unexplained but misunderstood quite often. Where poetry is birthed from and the circumstances it narrates can be unrelatable. A keen poet is inspired by unusual incidents, experiences, unsaid feelings, silence, chatter, anger, sadness, happiness, and many other nuances of life discovered on compassionately looking and listening to myriad reflections. Poets are travelers through ages; continuity of ceaseless seeking and learning. It’s an uninterrupted communication with the … Continue reading The Poetic Debate


You may not always see the trap Sometimes, you may feel something’s amiss Words have been arranged to ensnare Beautifully crafted- fancy and clever trap There are strainers too, clogged and smelly Words’ stench and stuck forever Some new one will be poured through Again, it’s a network of sifters What pours through is a pungent liquid Smells abominable with repugnant ideas Words caught in … Continue reading Trap